2016+ Toyota Tacoma Installation Instructions

Pinch Hazards and Safety Precautions!

  1. Always be aware of pinch points that are present in your work area, including those associated with tools you may use or work with and/or near. 

  2. Never place your hands near or reach across rotating mechanical parts. 

  3. Always be alert whenever you place your fingers or hands between any objects.

Tools Required: T30 Torque Bit, Needle Nose Pliers

2016+ Toyota Tacoma Tailgate Lock Installation:

  1. •    Rotate the tailgate to the open position

  2. •    Remove the plastic bushing retaining clip with a pair of needle nose pliers (slight twist back and forth)

  3. •    Ensure the retaining section of the bushing is removed and the hole in the hinge bracket is clear to allow the keyed lock to engage the hinge when installed

         Note: The retaining section of the bushing is not needed as tailgate will not be removed frequently

  4. •    Note: If needed you may have to remove the bushing from the hinge to clear out ant excess plastic

    •    Remove T30 screws (Yellow Circles) and Loosen T30 screws (Red Circles) on the inner tailgate skin (this will allow you to slip the lock under the skin without scratching it) 

    •    Install the lock over the hinge bracket locking the flange of the cylinder lock into the hole on the hinge bracket

    •    Lock the keyed cylinder lock, remove the key and test to make the tailgate lock cannot be removed from the hinge bracket

    •    Lower the inner tailgate skin so the radius of the corner sits in the groove on the tailgate lock

    •    Install and tighten all the T30 high torque screws using caution not to over tighten the screws (Factory installs plastic retaining inserts)

    •    "Take a picture of the key code" on the key and put one key with your spare key for safe keeping

    •    Install the 3/4 inch diameter vinyl sticker over the lock to keep dust out

    *** Note: 2021-2023 models depending on where manufactured may have excessive pre-load on the hinge during the install at the factory. It may be necessary to loosen the 12 mm bolt on the forward side of the hinge to relieve the pre-load for the installation. After install just tighten the 12mm bold See Image Below: 2013 shown but same location.

Installation Video