2004+ Ford F-Series Installation Instructions

Pinch Hazards and Safety Precautions!

  1. Always be aware of pinch points that are present in your work area, including those associated with tools you may use or work with and/or near. 

  2. Never place your hands near or reach across rotating mechanical parts. 

  3. Always be alert whenever you place your fingers or hands between any objects.

  1. 2004 - Current Ford F-Series Installation Instructions:

     Rotate the tailgate and partially remove it from the hinge. Allow enough room to insert the bottom half of the part

     Install the bottom piece onto the hinge cup then install the tailgate back onto the truck

     Once the bottom piece is installed, reinstall the tailgate back on the hinge

     Install the upper piece by connecting the hinge point

     Rotate the part to the closed position

     Install the security screw

    We do recommend you secure the screw with epoxy putty, but this will make it hard to remove